Robotics Classes for Kids, Science Fair Projects Ideas

Importance of Educational Robotics Classes for Kids

It is a learning proposal that rescues the creative, ingenious and purposeful abilities of boys and girls (6 to 8 years) to apply them in the design of projects with robotics. In this program students simulate environments, characters and real or imaginary effects and rely on technology to achieve products where magical and creative prevails. The program consists of three 20-hour courses: Juguemos, Creatividad and Interactividad, the three courses are organized in the following axes of knowledge: Knowing the resources to create robots, transmission of movement with simple mechanisms, programming for the control of mechanisms, actions and sensors, problem solving, theory of Robotics Classes for Kids, socialization of learning and projects.

Science Fair Projects Ideas and Methodology

This experience is designed so that the students of the group share moments of design, construction, exploration, brainstorming, programming, exhibitions, etc. The work modalities are: in pairs and groups because it is based on the principle that the discussion and exchange of ideas are enriched when production is shared. 

Those who participate will be attended to base on their own levels of experience, progress and mastery of the computer tools used.

Why Robotics Classes for Kids?

The purpose of engaging girls and boys in pedagogical Robotics Classes for Kids is linked to the potential of these populations to create and innovate and the natural desire to explore what is new and current. The pedagogical robotics offers the possibility of conceiving, creating and putting to work objects, favours the development of Science Fair Projects Ideas cognitive processes of high level in the people who are involved with these resources, as well as, the possibility of understanding operations, effects and behaviours of real situations, from its recreation or simulation.

Social and employment environment in which young people of the twenty – first century will be integrated requires active, flexible, creative people oriented and teamwork, able to provide innovative solutions to today’s challenges.

Science Fair Projects Ideas empowers these new skills and competences through a consolidated and contrasted pedagogical model, designed by Science Fair Projects. Through its robotics workshop for children it is fostered in the participants, talent , communication , entrepreneurial spirit and their curiosity to discover and learn , and that is in Science Fair Projects robotics courses for children, creativity is always the first pedagogical objective.

These educational workshops for children have many characteristics that make them extremely attractive from many points of view and are a good way to transmit to children the passion for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and many other related subjects.


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